BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU’RE HERE just got its THIRD starred review!


This one is from Shelf Awareness. Here’s an excerpt:
“Krause (A Dress for the Wicked) invents here an original folktale that is part Johnny Appleseed, part “The Devil and Daniel Webster,” and uses dual narratives to tell two distinct, engrossing stories that intertwine in unexpected ways. Her prose is descriptive and delicate, her mythical world populated with creatures both intriguing and terrifying. Krause delivers an excellently creepy legend perfect for Halloween reading.” –Shelf Awareness, starred review
Read the full review here
I’ll definitely always remember getting it forwarded to me by my editor this morning and will always treasure her noting that “three starred reviews is rare.”
I’ve never felt like someone who naturally excels at anything or for who anything comes easily so this is something I will hold onto forever
At the start of this, I only hoped for reviews that weren’t negative
I would’ve adamantly said three trade starred reviews was not possible
But I underestimated the power of a story that wishes to be told
BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU’RE HERE stretched me in so many ways. It demanded that I listen to the story it wanted to be, even as I worried it didn’t fall into typical genre conventions 
Seeing it get stars from Kirkus, Publisher’s Weekly, and now Shelf Awareness has been incredible 
Even more so, anytime I get tagged in a positive review by a reader, I’m just so hopeful that there is a place for my twisty, literary, peculiar, imaginatively offbeat tales
I’m just so very grateful 

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