I am so happy to announce the title and share the synopsis of my next book

It’s title is


The flowers in my book are called “Grave Flowers” because in this dark royalcore world of floral magic, the grim odds are that they will more than likely adorn your grave than sit in a vase

What you can expect:

🥀 A Hamlet meets Boleyn family inspired fantasy

🖤A floral magic system–AND I’m making up my own breeds of flowers, which I have just had the literal best time doing. These flowers are beautiful…but they bite!

🪦A princess bride, Madalina, set on a deadly quest to assassinate her betrothed, the prince. Which should be easy because she detests him, right? She definitely doesn’t find him attractive at all. NOT AT ALL

🏛️An eerie ghost story meets twisty murder mystery

Here’s the official announcement/synopsis in Publisher’s Marketplace:

Author of BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU’RE HERE Autumn Krause’s GRAVE FLOWERS, a twisty, dark-royalcore YA fantasy that combines the courtly intrigue of Hamlet with the vicious ambition of the Boleyn family, in an decaying but opulent world of flower magic; when Madalina’s twin sister, who was betrothed to the heir of a powerful kingdom, appears to her as a ghost, Madalina agrees to take her sister’s place to investigate her sister’s murder, knowing that whoever killed her sister is sure to wish her dead as well, to Ashley Hearn at Peachtree Teen, for publication in fall 2025 by Susan Hawk at Upstart Crow Literary (world).

Naturae vis maxima ~ The greatest force is that of nature

So blessed and overjoyed that I get to keep writing books!

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