Grave Flowers

What you can expect:

🥀 A Hamlet meets Boleyn family inspired fantasy

🖤A floral magic system–AND I’m making up my own breeds of flowers, which I have just had the literal best time doing. These flowers are beautiful…but they bite!

🪦A princess bride, Madalina, set on a deadly quest to assassinate her betrothed, the prince. Which should be easy because she detests him, right? She definitely doesn’t find him attractive at all. NOT AT ALL

🏛️An eerie ghost story meets twisty murder mystery

Before the Devil Knows You’re Here

A folk horror YA novel for fans of Maggie Stiefvater and Erin Craig, blending the tall tales of Johnny Appleseed and Paul Bunyan with Faustian elements, starring a fierce Mexican-American poet on a journey through the Wisconsin wilderness to free her brother from the mysterious Man of Sap and confront her destiny written long ago in cursed seeds.


“Mesmerizingly told through the eyes of both Catalina and the monster, the book invites readers to travel with characters who are reckoning with greed, fear, and love as they consider what makes a monster—and whether monsters can be redeemed.

Highly imaginative and powerfully affecting.”—Kirkus, starred review

“Via an intoxicatingly woven dual POV, Krause (A Dress for the Wicked) presents a narrative that splits equal time between Catalina, as she undergoes her fierce and unique journey, and John, the Man of Sap, whose history is enriched by complicated introspection that delves into class differences and addiction.

By tapping into fears both folkloric and biblical, Krause pulls no punches, injecting this atmospheric telling with original and inviting horrors.”—Publisher’s Weekly, starred review

“The plot unfolds with deliberation, moving quickly through the action but lingering on John’s story to pack an emotional wallop. Readerly teens will appreciate Krause’s twisted take on the folk hero Johnny Appleseed, along with her nods to poisonous apples and Faustian bargains.” —The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s  Books

A Dress for the Wicked

Betrayal has never been so fashionable than in Autumn Krause’s glamorous debut, perfect for fans of The Belles and The Luxe. Set in alternate Victorian society obsessed with fashion, a young girl from the country enters a cutthroat design competition. But as she navigates the twisted world of high fashion, she realizes that sabotage is always in style and high fashion equals high stakes.

“Set in an alternate Victorian London–like past, this blends competition and cooperation for compelling drama. A unique debut with plenty of flair.” —Booklist

“Krause deftly handles the oft-belittled personal and political power of clothing, and fans of couture and fabulous fashion will enjoy the extravagant clothing and glamorous world that Emmy is determined to enter.” —Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“No one expects Emmaline, a girl from the country, will have anything to offer. Forced to adapt to a ruthless environment, Emmaline will surprise them — and surprise herself, too. If you binge Project Runway and gobble down YA dystopias, then A Dress For the Wicked is for you.” —Refinery 29